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Be source assured!

Procure sustainable and traceable food ingredients 

You can always be assured of the inputs used to grow the ingredients for your food products. We are a residue-free farm products exporter in India. We supply traceable spices produced by our partner farmers who use our flagship CropAsssure® Outgrower Program which enables them to grow crops with reduced crop losses, lesser chemicals, and higher profit margins. Our state of the art Drone based Hyperspectral Imaging enables them to take informed decisions throughout the crop cycle.


Drones monitor sustainable farm practices

We use Drone based Hyperspectral imaging-enabled Decision Support System for farmers to enable them to follow sustainable farming practices and help global markets procure pesticide residue-free farm products.

What if we make farming exciting for future generations?


Together to transform!

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Experience the tryst of trust with sustainability

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Access to all farm activities, in a single dashboard

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