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We are an end-to-end information support system for our customers regarding traceability and source of procurement. We do this by providing the QR code of the farmer dealing. This helps companies know about the inputs used and practices followed during the production cycle. We ensure complete transparency to our companies with our updated database.

BharatRohan is a symbol of trust, loyalty, and quality with its partners and customers to make a sustainable ecosystem of agriculture.

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Harvesting Crop Field

We assure you a traceable supply chain solution that enables

Farm-level traceability of crop produce

Residue free procurement

Insights into farm activities 


BharatRohan SourceAssure Process


We offer transparency in price, quality, and platforms which helps us stay in close connection with our stakeholders


Our farmers and customers bind their trust in the quality and price of the products and services we offer

Soil Data

After soil testing based on the deficiency levels for a specific crop, we recommend soil supplements and conditioners


You can trace the package of practices and set of inputs used by BharatRohan registered farmers

QR Code

Every farmer in our database is provided with a QR Code and it links to the database maintained for every farmer. You can scan and find traceable data of the production


We have a dedicated team of farmer relationship management that keeps in touch with our farmers throughout the year to look into their problems and partake in their happiness.

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Integrated Pest Management

 Farm management aimed at the reduced environmental effect

Reduce excess Input 

Advisory on the right chemical, right dose, and the right time of application

Ensuring sustainable income to farmers

Encourage to follow sustainable farming practices

Avoid pesticide residue in products

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