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Agriculture has the potential to mitigate 85.5 Megatonne CO2 eq/yr without compromising food production and nutrition.

We are being part of this by implementing sustainable agriculture practices to curb greenhouse gas emissions and improve agriculture resilience and increase yield during climate change

Green Field

Our step towards Sustainable Agriculture

Soil Carbon Sequestration

The process of capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. Improved agricultural practices can make a significant impact on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Tractor png.png

Reduce tillage practices in the field

crop rotation_edited.jpg

Adopt usage of manure, compost and biofertilizers

irrigation 2_edited.jpg

Adopt crop rotations and intercropping patterns

manure 2.png

Reduce flood irrigation and chemical use

Holding Soil

Together we can save our earth

If you believe in creating an impact in protecting nature through sustainable agriculture practices, here we are. Connect with us to know possible synergies to work together for a better world

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