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Our responsibility towards nature 

We partner with farmers to build a safe and sustainable supply chain by providing backend support through Drone based Hyperspectral imaging-based decision support system.

We assist farmers with soil testing and provide quality seed, pest, and disease control through drone-based crop monitoring and farm management. We ensure fair returns to our farmers and consistent quality products to our customers.


Safe Food For Better Future

Quality food starts at the farmer level, that is why we train farmers for adopting IPM in their fields. We believe that skilled farmers are critical to the cultivation of high-quality ingredients. Farmers in turn benefit from a price premium and increased yield by following the IPM guidelines of BharatRohan

How does our SourceAssure Works?

We offer farm-level traceability to our customers through our source assure platform by providing insights into on-farm activities. This helps companies know about the inputs used and practices followed during the production cycle


Farmer specific ID card

Every farmer in our database is provided with a QR Code and it links to the database maintained for every farmer 

qr code imag.png

QR code

Packaged Farm produce with QR  Codes by which consumers can  trace the farmer and the farm  activities

db 1_edited.png


Robust dashboard which contains details of  each farm's activities including the quantity and nature of inputs used

Ashish Kumar

Barabanki, UP
"Earlier, whenever I identified visible damage on my farm, I use to consult a local pesticide shopkeeper who was not backed up any scientific knowledge, but ever since I started using BharatRohan CropAssure services, I get alerts and scientific advisory early enough to that the damage can be controlled in advance. They tell me exactly what is needed, when and which quantity it should be applied"

 Umesh Kumar

Barabanki, UP
"BharatRohan CropAssure Services provide me with a ground level support and helps me resolve challenges in every crop growth stage. BharatRohan helps me cultivate exact variety and quality that is demanded by the large buyers. This helps me earn better and make our farming profitable"

 Luv Kumar

Barabanki, UP
"BharatRohan Team works with me like a family and partners with me in every crop season. They learn from me and I learn from them. I have managed to increase Mentha Oil yield from 60 kg to 85 kg per acre. The Menthol content has also increased from 66% to 74% BharatRohan helps me sell this better Mentha oil to a buyer who pays higher price"

Lets hear them

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